Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, You inspire us to change medicine; Also, across the world, people are discovering the possibilities of medical marijuana. Furthermore, Living better is just as important as living longer. Because it helps you restore essential aspects of your true self by delivering the highest standards of cannabis products. For the reason that, in a compassionate and knowledgeable environment is a favorite cannabis dispensary located in the United States. Most noteworthy, we provide top-grade cannabis strains and related products to meet up to the demands of our valued customers or patients.

Medical Marijuana

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A. Yes. If you place an order you will receive high-quality cannabis products delivered safely to your mailbox or front door via FedEx or UPS. We have many happy clients across USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

A. Hence, we have been operating for a few years and we have never once had a client get arrested or have any police problems. We also don’t keep any incriminating long-term records. We work to ensure your safety, but remember to be discreet on your end as well.

A. Almost all orders are shipped within 1-2 business days of receiving payment. Standard mail can take from 2-4 business days to reach you, depending on where you live. So your order should reach you within 3-6 business days of us receiving your payment. (Add another 1-2 days if you’re in a very remote area.)

A. Our packaging is top discreet and nondescript. Everything is sent vacuum sealed and there is no smell. We use various fake return addresses, and our packages blend in with all the other mail.

A. While, we do not ship larger amounts than those listed on our order form. We provide cannabis products for personal, recreational and for businesses as well.

As for payment, we accept only Bitcoin, Western Union and MoneyGram. Why ? 10 mins transfer and we good to ship.

We also take Walmart Gifts Cards and other forms. Contact Us for more

A. No. We do strain request limits for bud as follows:

28g = 4 strains max
56g = 8 strains max