AK 47 weed

Strain Name: AK 47 weed

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid Sativa Dominant

Looks: AK 47 Weed strain is Very fluffy and sticky. Hint of lime green with hairs spread thoroughly throughout the bud. Crystals very uniform looking on the inside. Crystals caked near stem of the bud.

Smell:Very piney. Almost like walking through a forest

Taste: Taste like the smell with a very subtle hint of sweetness.

Effects: I found myself very giggly and care free. More sociable than usual.

Potency: (AK4)7/10 Buzz length is about 1 – 2 hours with a very relaxed and sleepy comedown. contact

Good Strain For:Letting loose, Getting shit done, Laughing, Listening to music, Mild pain, Sleeping.


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