Master Kush

Master Kush

Master Kush
Master Kush Strain Review

Strain Name: Master Kush

Grade: AAA

Type: Indica

Looks: Og Master Kush Orange hair explosion! Buds are completely covered in an explosion of bright orange hairs. What little green that can be seen is a medium green color and covered in crystals. (9/10)

Smell: Very strong fresh orange citrus mixed with a hint of piney kush smell. (10/10)

Taste: Similar to the smell. Very orange citrus earthy flavor with hints of kush, pine, and spice. (9/10)

Effects: Master Kush is best for Night time use. Hard hitting behind the eyes. Dropped my eyes low like droopy the dog. Also dried my eyes out pretty good too. Total mellow calm feeling, in planning stages to get a bunch of stuff done. Clear head and still fairly zoot. (8/10)

Potency: Strong (8/10)

Good For: master kush marijuana is for Relaxing, energy, creative thoughts, anxiety, asthma, and increased appetite.

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master kush

Master Kush , Master OG Kush

Buy Master Kush Strain : Smooth, Stoney Smoke That Hits Hard

It’s hard not to fall in love with master og kush once its effects find their way to your consciousness.

master og kush strain It slowly creeps up on you… so be careful or you may end up really, really baked. This is one of those strains where you underestimate how medicated you are dense buds.

Master og Kush  is Considered to be a heavy strain that helps most with chronic aches and pains,

appetite stimulation, arthritis/inflammation, insomnia, PTSD, and depression dense buds .

If someone asked me what I thought of Master Kush Strain, I’d have to say that it is one of my favorite marijuana strains to medicate with in the afternoons to unwind. It’s perfect for any patient that is looking for a very heavy, yet soothing effect with just 1-2 hits. Great plant, great effects, just great overall…

Master Kush Strain produces strong, but not overwhelming, euphoria that can leave users in a blissful haze. More experienced users report a rise in creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Negative effects may include the usual dry eyes and mouth when Master Kush is smoked that’s all I guess dank smell.

Some patients also experience dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety with higher doses should Master Kush consumed as an edible.

This strain’s main use is for relieving stress and anxiety. empress kush cabin fever seed kush produces indica dominant pain nausea

The strong, Indica-based effects are ideal for relaxing in the evening quality of life dank smell.

Master OG Kush is extremely effective in the treatment of insomnia dank smell.

Its body-numbing high can help manage chronic pain. The strong, stereotypical ‘munchies’ produced by this strain may also be useful in stimulating appetite for patients suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

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