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Rick Simpson Oil-Edible CannaOil

Edible CannaOil – Rick Simpson Oil

This cannaoil is one of a kind! It is already decarboxylated and ready to consume! It is perfect for baking, cooking, or consuming straight! Marinate your steak, add it to your mashed potatoes, or any other food that strikes your fancy. Put a few drops on any food and wait for the wonderful high that will follow! When cooking or baking with the canna oil just substitute your normal cooking oil with the canna oil for the best results. This edible oil is extremely potent so please consume responsibly. One teaspoon contains approximately 500mg of THC. A heavy THC consumer should receive a very good and long-lasting high from about 100mg of THC.

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240 ml ($320)


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can be found below Buy Quality rick simpson oil at affordable low rates. CannaOil Is a Heat infusing oil just like  olive oils but with cannabis recipe infused marijuana and cannabis infuses make cannabis oil look more like coconut oil, slow olive coconuts. Rick Simpsons CannaOil is 98% health beneficial and will cure every skin illness, cancer of burns . olive oils cannabis infuses coconut oil are very good too for skin..

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