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All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops

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Available in 5mg, 10mg or 20mg individual dosage per piece. Each box holds nine gumdrops for a total THC count of 45mg, 90mg or 180mg.

Also available in 5:1 CBD:THC. 10mg CBD/2mg THC per piece for a total of 90mg CBD/18mg THC per box.

1 Edible Pack : 250$


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All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops


All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops are hand crafted to melt in your mind using five simple ingredients: Imported European fruit essences, sugar, gelatin, citric acid and the finest California-grown pure cannabis extract. Our natural flavors include: Wild Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Lemon, Blood Orange, Peach, Apricot and Passion Fruit. Our gum drops were recently named Best Low Dose Edible for New Users by High Times Magazine.


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