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Medical Uses Holy Grail Marijuana: Holy Grail Price is known to increase appetite, reduce incidences of insomnia, minimize depression, reduce pain, and mitigate daily stress.

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Holy Grail Marijuana Kush strain

Holy grail kush strain

In this light, Holy Grail Price is a heavenly hybrid of epic proportions. Originally cultivated by the magical bean breeders at the Holy Grail strain took first place for hybrid seeds during the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup (HTCC).

The Result: Being the progeny of award-winning parents (Kosher Kush & OG 18). Subsequently, Holy Grail Marijuana came out on top of the hybrid competition. In addition and is said to have taken home the first-ever perfect score at an HTCC competition.

Type: Indica Hybrid
Also Known As Holy Grail Kush
Genetics:  OG #18 & Kosher Kush
Origin:  DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada
How Stoned Will You Get: Holy Grail OG Kush Hits an 8 out of 10 in strength
Average THC: 23%
Average Price Per ⅛: $40
Awards: Hybrids — 2011 HTCC.

Dispensaries Carrying Holy Grail Marijuana: 19

Strain Profile/The Science: The admiration heaped upon the  Holy Grail Kush strain revolves around the strain over-the-top potency. Featuring THC levels that have tested at well over 20%. However, this modern hybrid instills a slightly mellower high than its name might suggest.

Appearance: As a hybrid, the Holy Grail strain combines the complex phenotypes commonly found in two of today’s more popular Indicas. It is producing a pocket-sized plant that resides on the shorter side of the height spectrum.

Consistency: The Holy Grail strain produces sticky. In conclusion, Holy Grail Kush strain dense nugs that are thick with resin and blanketed in THC-rich trichomes.

Scent: The intricate mix of flavonoids in Holy Grail Price produces a seriously spicy aroma. Easily as visually impressive as the strain is potent. The aromatic quality of this hybrid is that of an untainted Kush. Rich with a uniquely complex spicy/citrus fragrance. This Holy Grail OG Kush strain is easily detectable while cultivating and once harvested … Likewise, Pineapple Kush so growers beware of medical marijuana.

Taste: Spicy / citrus
Effect: Incredibly story
Strain Background Holy Grail OG Kush: Kosher Kush & OG 18

Growth and Seed Info:

As is the case with most hybrids, the Holy Grail strain tends to produce a slightly more nuanced bud. For example, Short, stocky, Kosher Kush, and ready to flower at the drop of a light switch – Most of all, the Holy Grail Kush strain this strain works perfectly for the indoor cultivator.

Pros: Known to produce a blissful and relaxed state of mind
Cons: Red eyes, dry mouth, and occasional paranoia
Original Breeder: DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada
Known Phenotypes: Produces Indica sized flowers from short/stout females
Seed Bank of Choice: Seed Mine
Flowering Time: 6 – 8 weeks
Flowering Type: Dense
Growth Height: Short, yet dense
Expected Yield: 1 – 4 ounces (Depending on the skill of the cultivator)
Garden Skill Level:  Intermediate
Breeder Quote/Advice: Perfect for indoor cultivation

Medical Use Holy Grail Price knows how to increase appetite, reduce the incidence of insomnia. And also, minimize depression, Amnesia Haze Strain reduces pain, and mitigates daily stress.


Like a cross between Kosher Kush and OG 18 Pineapple Kush. Above all, Holy Grail Marijuana provides its consumer with a spicy hit of one of today’s more potent strains. Meanwhile, great for the intermediate gardener, Candyland Marijuana this strain thrives in the indoor environment.

Related Strains: OG 18 & Holy Grail Kush strain
Family: Indica / OG with spicy overtones

In the below 2011 video, Gil and Miss High Times review some frosty Holy Grail Price nugs from the now-closed Costa Mesa Patient’s Association. Holy Grail Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC level that works well as a nighttime treatment for pain, nausea, Sleestack Kush strain, insomnia, muscle spasms/pain, joint pain, Holy Grail OG Kush strain, or depression. This strain is a cross between OG #18 and Kosher Kush. The effects are uplifting and relaxing, and the flavor and aroma are said to be similar to pungent earth, spice, citrus, and pine.

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