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Cinderella 99 Cannabis Strain

Cinderella 99 is not the most potent strain out there in terms of THC. But, this is certainly one strong sativa-dominant hybrid. Often featuring up to 22% THC, this strain is still considered a potent bud.

Cinderella 99 provides a very quick cerebral high and is nice and energizing. While some strains on this list can be extremely racy or just a little too energetic, Cinderella 99 is a strong-armed strain that provides a slightly more mellow experience by comparison.

THC 22%
CBD 2%

Cinderella 99 is a super potent sativa-dominant hybrid. Short, fast-growing, and resinous, this strain is popular among growers and consumers alike. Pick up some Cindy when you need a daytime mood lift.
Cinderella 99 (Cindy 99) is a bit of a mystery. Developed by Brothers Grimm, the exact lineage of this strain is a little uncertain. However, Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk are thought to be in the mix. This sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its potent, cerebral effects. Some users claim to experience a sort of mental rush. This can lead to feelings of anxiety in some, or feelings of creativity. For a mostly sativa strain, Cinderella 99 is pretty short. It also features a sweet, earthy, citrus aroma with a little of that classic skunk pungence thrown into the mix. Expect a dreamy mental experience, lots of energy, and a light body high. Patients tend to like this strain for stress, fatigue, depression, pain, and migraines. New cannabis consumers might want to be a little cautious with Cindy. Her THC content tests around 22%, making this a potent strain. Watch out for paranoia and dry mouth, but the effects are quite pleasant and surreal overall.





Average Yield

High: 450 g/m2 indoors, 1000 g/plant outdoors

Average Height

Short: 3 feet

Grow Difficulty



Caryophyllene – Pepper
Humulene – Hops
Linalool – Lavender
Pinene – Pine


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